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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori
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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

Hands dressed in fingerless black gloves snatched the headphones that were resting on Kasai’s hands and tossed them at the computer screen before him. He pushed his weight backwards in the comfortable, desk chair, leaning back in it as far as it would allow. Frustration swelled, and he was close to pushing the red glowing button of the computer. Kasai was spending his Christmas day at an Internet Café playing online games.

Last night he was supposed to have dinner with Yumi. He was going to ask her about her gang affiliation to see if she had been lying to him all this time. But dinner had been called off. Yumi had contacted him that her father had gotten very sick and was at the hospital. It wasn’t her fault, but Kasai was pretty upset that the talk had to be postponed.

Perhaps it was a sign. Maybe he should just believe in her. If she was really a gang lord, there’s no way she would be able to keep him from knowing. He wouldn’t be able to bring it up the next time they saw each other, not after she was grieving for her sick father.

With the dinner canceled, Kasai had spent the night skateboarding instead. At least until he messed up a trick and landed hard, tearing a hole in the knee of his pants. His mom had found the hole this morning and alerted his father, who was extremely displeased. Hence the reason Kasai was now at the Internet Café, avoiding his father.

((OOC- I decided to move on instead of waiting for Yumi’s reappearance. We can postpone this for now :D ))

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

 Kasai walked along the aisle of one of the many recycle stores located throughout Tokyo. The rack were lateral and stacked two bars high. Shirts of every color and every size filled the racks, and brightly decorated sale signs gave some organization to the mess. Behind Kasai was a rack of shoes and besides that, a crate of bags such as book bags and messenger bags. The recycle store was huge compared to the majority of other secondhand stores. The men's section was separate from the women's, and the upstairs was dedicated entirely to electronics and other odds and ends such as toys and action figures. For the store having opened only an hour ago, there were already a lot of customers. Recycle stores were popular in Japan.

He was there looking for an outfit to wear for dinner tonight. He was taking Yumi out for dinner, and he also planned to ask her about her supposedly being the leader in this infamous gang. He already had plenty of clothes to choose from at home, but he decided to come out shopping just to relax his nerves. If Yumi really was a gang leader, then she would have been lying to him all this time. Girlfriends don't just do that. He had spent long hours skating the day before to clear his mind, however as the time ticked down, he was finding himself getting nervous. 

As he was shuffling through the racks, he came upon a bright blue tee that had an ocean and a beach artwork on it. It reminded him of Mattie, as that kid was always bringing up surfing whenever Kasai was going on about boarding. He wondered what his friend was up to today. Mattie wasn't with Ritsuko anymore, so he probably didn't have much planned today. Kasai was still confused on what had happened between the two. They were like the perfect couple. All he got from the story was that Mattie said no and Ritsuko ran off. He wondered why Mattie didn't go chasing.

Kasai took out his phone with the intent to check the time. He hesitated with the phone in his hand before flipping it open and dialing Mattie's number. He had something to say.

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

Fingers wrapper around the nose of the skateboard, following the grooves carved into the underside of the board where remnants of red and white paint was hardly noticeable in the state it was in now. Worn shoes touched ground at the highest point of the vert ramp as Kasai came to the end of his run. Short bursts of air escaped his lungs as he struggled to catch his breath. With his free hand, he wiped the sweat from his brow, evidence of his long workout. Unaware of the cold air, Kasai stripped away his hoodie, tossing it to the side. Moments later, an empty water bottle followed after the forgotten jacket. He lined up the board, dangling it over the edge, and with a shifting of his weight, he became Phoenix once again.

The skate park he had chosen to waste away his day in was one of the only public ones in the area. Skateboarding was illegal in the city, and to keep the skateboarders from skating through the sidewalks, small designated spots were set up throughout the district. The park was unimpressive as it was lined with cracks in the cement, serving as obstacles to the skaters. Several of the rods that made up the railings had fallen apart, lying forgotten on the ground. The vert ramp Kasai occupied was unquestionably the best equipment in the park, though it too showed unforgiving signs of damage. Kasai preferred to go to the underground skate hotspots than to visit this depressing graveyard. Most days, the park was crowded with young kids who fell more times than they could master a successful Ollie. The weather acted as a repellent to their company today, meanwhile acting as the lure to bring Kasai to that particular park.

Long hours were poured into skating that day. Shortly after eating breakfast with his family (something his mother insisted on), Kasai had stolen away, board in hand, to his getaway. Skating was the one way he could release his frustrations and clear his mind. As time slipped away, the urgency to skate grew. Tomorrow, he would be meeting with Yumi for a Christmas Eve dinner. Tomorrow he would also chose to inquire about the Harchi he had heard Yumi had connections with. He had meant to ask her about it some time ago, but he successfully turned his debate on when was the right time to ask her to procrastination. Christmas Eve was probably not the best time to bring up such a questionable topic, but at this point, it was now or never. Tomorrow at dinner, he would ask Yumi about Harchi or completely forget about the whole thing. Until then, he would skate away his troubles.

((OOC- Yumi, I left it open so you can post about the dinner, alright?))

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

The long weekend was almost over, and tomorrow Kasai would have to return to school only to face the dreaded finals. He hadn’t done as much studying as he probably should have. There was no hope for his math classes, not even an ace could save those grades. Looking over Japanese History may have been worth his time. He had a slight chance in that class.

The weekend was long, extended for extra studying time. Instead, Kasai had spent his time at the skate park. He had planned to do his last minute studying at the end of the weekend. After a trip to his brother’s place the day before, any thoughts of studying were out the door. His mind was jumbled with thoughts.

Harchi, they called her. The guy had to be mistaken. He was high after all. He was probably high when he saw her. There was no way his Yumi could be some elaborate gang member.

A glass cup fell into the sink, dangerously close to shattering. He was at work and for a Tuesday, a large pile of dishes lay stacked lazily nearby the large sink. He wore an apron and had his hair pulled back by a hair-tie, or at least the hair long enough to reach. It was quiet in the back room other than the clanking of the dishes, giving him plenty of opportunity for thinking.

Yumi was constantly bruised. He worried about her, but never linked it to gang activity. She would sometimes show up late, or even call to tell him she can’t make it at all. He had seen some of her friends before, from a glance. Their overall look…it just fit the idea altogether. Yumi was Harchi. She had to be. Everything pointed towards it.

But it could also all be a coincidence. He could just be putting pieces together that don’t belong together. He had to give her the benefit of the doubt. The only way he could ever be sure was by talking to her. But when? And how do you bring up a subject like that?

Kasai sighed as he threw a clean plate into a pile of dishes he already washed. Finals were the last thing on his mind.

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

The floor boards creaked sleepily as Kasai walked down the dreary hallway. Few lights lined the dusty hallway barely illuminating his way. The dull colors of the area gave the place an unkept feeling. One of the bruised, brass numbers on the door Kasai had stopped at had turned upside down, hanging feebly by one rusted screw. He only had to knock once on the mossy green door before a muffled voice carried from inside. Seconds later, a loud clang came from the doorknob, and Kasai hardly had to touch it before it was swinging dangerously on its hinges inwards.
A large smoke cloud billowed out of the room once the door had been pulled ajar. Kasai hesitated allowing the initial cloud to disperse before stepping into the room. The room was just as dark as the hallway only with a little light escaping into the room through the dirty window. The room was muggy and cramped. On one side of the door was a wall, on the other, a wall of junk. Tattered boxes were piled high as if someone had never gotten around to unpacking after moving in. The floor in front of the entry was littered with odds and ends and plenty of empty beer cans.
As Kasai walked into the room, he carefully stepped over the tangled mass of phone cord on the floor. The cords led to a cheap phone also lying on the floor forgotten. The room was crowded with furniture. A large couch was pushed up against one wall and facing it were two large, bulky armchairs. Boxes were stacked on top of one another to serve as a table. More junk lined the circle created by the furniture, making it impossible to shut the door leading to the bedrooms and bathroom.
Four guys lived in the apartment, but there was usually never less than six people hanging out there. At the moment, there were four guys in the living room: one on the couch, two in each of the chairs, and one using one of the many boxes for a seat. They were gruff looking and in their twenties. The guy on the box was dressed in an orange sleeveless top and orange capris. His skinny arms were decorated in ink and he had a lone patch of hair on his head spiked into a mohawk. One of the guys on a chair was dressed in red plaid pants, a black tee, and a red long sleeved jacket. He had short black hair and a dog collar around his neck. The other guy wore black pants and a button down shirt that was unbuttoned. He had bleached blond hair. The other guy on the couch looked nearly identical to Kasai, only with longer and shaggier black hair. He wore all black except for a white under shirt.
Each of the guys looked up at Kasai as he entered the room and greeted him lazily. After returning the greeting, Kasai picked his way carefully to the couch to sit besides his brother Jin. It had been some time since he had last visited his brother. The apartment wasn’t one that Kasai was very fond of. It was dirty and cramped, and all the tenants in the room ever did was sit around getting high. There was a pile of needles on a box besides an ashtray with more cigarette butts then what could fit in the tray.
“So what have you been up to?” Jin asked him, breaking his trail of thought. “Nothing much, just school,” Kasai responded unenthusiastically. The guy in red shifted in his seat. “I saw you hanging ‘round wif that Harchi girl…” he began before being interrupted by the blond. “Harchi? How you manage that?”
Kasai looked between the two and then at his brother confused. “I’m sorry, I don’t know any ‘Harchi’-”
“Naw I know it was her. Her blonde hair an’ the way she dress… I had a bad run in wif them some time ago, but I remember her,” the guy in red cut Kasai off. Jin looked curiously at Kasai, eventually saying, “Running with gangs now, eh lil’ bro?”
“What? No!” Kasai began. “I don’t know who this ‘Harchi’ is, but I can tell you that Yumi is not her. Yumi’s not in a gang.” As he said this, he couldn’t help recall all her bruises and excuses to why she couldn’t hang out that day.
“Didja fuck her yet?” said the guy in orange in a Kansai dialect, changing the direction of the conversation.
“That’s none of your business and I would rather not talk about Yumi anymore,” Kasai spoke defiantly.
The blond held out his hand, “Want a smoke?” Every time Kasai came here, he was offered either a joint or a shot. Every time, he always rejected it. This time, however, with his thoughts whirling in his mind, Kasai reached out and took it from the guy. Seeing this, Jin smiled.

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]


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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

Just as Kasai handed off a pile of freshly cleaned dishes, another dirty stack was added to the endless pile. Kasai stared distastefully at the pile before taking a few cups off the top and beginning to wash them. The work was tedious, but it was expected from a place like this.

Being an izakaya, both beer and food were served here. You bought a room (well not really a room, just an area around a table with three thin bamboo walls that blocked out the other tables, and the only area not blocked by a wall was used for the server to bring them their orders) which is routinely supplied with crates of bottled liquor and plates of sushi, sashimi, and other appetizers. You then ordered food, special liquors, or other drinks (such as coffee) that your server would then go prepare for you. It was basically a bar that served food. However, this izakaya was set up so that kids younger than 20 wouldn't be banned from eating. You could buy rooms that the crates wouldn't be brought into for the underage kids and it was just like eating at a restaurant. With teenagers free to attend, the place was always busy.

Coming from a rich family, it was odd that Kasai had a job at all. The only reason he had gotten one was that his father had a personal conference with the Headmaster requesting Kasai be allowed to work only because his father wanted to put discipline in him to prevent him from becoming like his deadbeat brother. The Headmaster agreed, and Kasai was happy that he would be getting money. That is until his father picked out where he was to work at.

Kasai worked as a dishwasher here. He didn't like the work at all. Not only was the work messy (and greasy), but the co-workers he had to wash dishes with could barely speak Japanese. Not that it would matter if they could speak it, they were just so far from proper Japanese that it sounded foreign itself. Those guys spent pretty much their whole day washing dishes here and speaking with each other about stuff that Kasai could never quite catch the subject of and ignoring Kasai altogether.

There were times when the boss would put Kasai out on the floor as a server. This would only happen once in a rare moment since underage servers were not allowed because they had to handle alcohol. Kasai liked being a server. The only hard part was carrying the crates around and ignoring the comments from the drunk customers, but as long as he was away from the foreigners washing dishes, he was happy.

That's why Kasai was surprised when he heard the boss calling for him. Apparently someone didn't come in and Kasai was to fill in as a server for the rest of the night. He quickly ditched the rubber gloves, pulled the headband out of his hair, and headed towards the kitchen's exit.

((OOC: Sorry about the post being so late. I was actually waiting for a plot development post, but since someone's gone at the moment, I have to wait on it. All the content in this post was okayed by the moderator. Post is opened to all. Oh and I changed Kasai's journal layout a bit too =^-^=))

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

((5th hour TV, Film & Video 1 - Amanda, Andrea, Kasai, Kasumi, Maikeru, Naozumi, Yui))

Kasai listened intently to the instructions of the project. TV, Film & Video was one of Kasai's favorite classes. He was always the one that was recording his friends skating. Either that or taking sequence pictures.

Interviews were another thing though. The filming he did was always of distant things and were mainly focused on for-the-moment shots.

They were to ask one another five questions each from a list they got. If they didn't finish, they had to come in after school.

The teacher began calling groups and instructing them on where to go. The groups went as followed:

Amanda Evers and Yui Sakurai,
Kasai Tori and Naozumi Tanaka and Maikeru Etsuko,
Andrea Hart and Kasumi Yamamoto.

Kasai obediently got up to go to the place he was told to to wait for his two partners. For a group of three, they were to decide on who questions who (person a questions person b, person b questions person c, and person c questions person a), but the other person that isn't interrogating or answering questions at the moment can help the interrogator come up with a question.

((ooc- for more information, view Yuki's post here.))

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

Kasai went to his groups usual skating place. He was still pissed off about his encounter with Siho nearly a month ago. His leg had only been sprained, but it still pissed him off.

His birthday was coming up in less than a week. He would more than likely have to spend some "quality" time with his parents around then, which Kasai was not looking forward to at all. Events like those always ended in his father becoming angry with him.

But that still left this Saturday open for Kasai to party with his own crowd. Mattie and him had decided that they would have a party on the 24th celebrating Mattie's ranking in the surfing competition and Kasai's upcoming birthday.

First though, he needed to ask one of his friends that he knew through skating though about something that had been bothering him for awhile now.

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Kasai "Phoenix" Tori [userpic]

Kasai had met up with his friends at their usual warehouse to skate. He loved skateboarding. It took him away. Released the chains that bound him to the ground. Made him the Bird that his name stated.

They preparing for the underground Demolation competition. It was a yearly event that allowed skaters to compete against each other. The top 3 teams that won got to participate in the X Games, which was were pro-skaters from around the world competed for the number one spot. Phoenix's team had never made it, but they came close at 6th place last year and they were determined to win this year.

When the door of the empty warehouse sounded as it was opened, the skaters came to a stop and looked quickly at the door. They had to be careful of the police, for not only were they skating which was not allowed, but they had pretty much broken into the warehouse. The sillouette showed not policemen, but rather kids around Kasai's age.

"Hey Phoenix!" one called out. Kasai's gaze fell on the boy who was a bit taller than him and looked more Korean than Japanese. "Who would have expected that we would run into you here of all places!"

The boys walked towards Kasai and his friends. Kasai looked at the others for their reaction, but no one said anything. The guy that had spoken was now before Kasai. He leaned forward so his face was inches away from Kasai's.

"Are you ready to get your ass handed again to you this year?" he asked Kasai, while his accompaniments laughed.

"What do you want, Siho?" Kasai asked the Korean boy.

"Oh nothing really. We just happened to find this large warehouse that we thought would be perfect for skateboarding in privacy and we happened upon you guys. Don't worry though. We won't take this place from you. You guys clearly need more practice anyways, so the place is yours."

Kasai's fists closed tightly and he bit down hard on his lip to keep himself from doing anything he would regret. He couldn't say anything back, considering Siho's team had beat his last year. Instead, he angrily set his skateboard back on the ground and took a detour on his way to one of his best friends in hope they could calm him down.

When he was in the process of converting from ramp to ramp, he suddenly found himself in the path of a flying skateboard. It of course belonged to Siho and had deadly aim. It hit Kasai in a special place between a guy's legs and sent out a bolt of pain, causing Kasai to miss the board and the ramp. Well partially. One of his legs hit the side of the ramp, causing another singe of pain.

"You bastard!" he called out after the laughter coming from Siho. He wanted to get up and attack Siho, but the pain coming from his leg prevented him from doing so. Siho snatched back the skateboard that had been used as a projectile and ran off with his crew, as Kasai's came to help him.

Ultimately, they decided to take him to the hospital, to make sure his leg wasn't broken. Kasai, however, was too busy thinking of ways to get Siho back.

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